The social intranet!

Our solution collects your external systems, programs and functions in one and the same place. With this mobile platform, you also manage all internal communication with your employees.

Collect everything in one place

A all-in-one solution with a focus on internal communication and information sharing.

The business flow

Share interesting information directly in the business feed. You can select specific groups or people who can see it.

Profile page

All users get their own profile page where they can tell more about themselves. for example, what they work with, what they have done before or leisure interests.


Chat is the easiest way to communicate and something that most people prefer on a daily basis.

Recruitment leads

Let your employees recommend good people for recruitment.

Shared files

Easily share files and documents. Select groups or specific people to have access.


When important information goes out, you can set different levels of information receipts. Easily keep track of whether everyone has received the information.


Create customized courses, tests and various quizzes that are automatically packaged in microlearning format.


Easily collect feedback from your employees with surveys.

Branded with your graphic profile!

You are proud of your brand, and so are we! The platform is branded with your graphic profile so that it becomes your own social intranet all the way.

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